Anonymous said:

Ok so I was reading the thing about bottle and a gun original beginning and is the one you wrote the one that at the end goes " hey you forgot the homey funny man" or is that a different one? I'm a real fan i swear but I was six when they first came out so yea?

The funny man part is in both the original and the remake lol


Whenever Danny sings ‘Outside’ and says how he wants someone to hold him all night, all I can say is:


Like let’s just look at him.image

Oh, I’ll tip him alright.
Anonymous said:

Would you fuck J-Dog?

Holy shit, of course. Who wouldnt?

Anonymous said:

Did any of the guys selfharm or had like a mental disease?

Only ones I know of is Johnny and J-Dog (and Deuce, if you wanna count him) cut when they were waaaay younger. None of them have any mental illness though.

helpmeiamcrazy said:

Hei! Is it true that J3T lived with Charlie when they were young because of J3T's parents or so? I read this somewhere.. Thx :D

Never heard that before, not gonna lie, lol

Anonymous said:

This might be a weird question but do you have any idea how tall they all are?

Not sure on exact heights, but for the most part, they’re pretty average heights. No one is overly tall/short.

Birthday boy :*
Anonymous said:

Is your blog all dedicated to HU of so I fucking love you! Can we just like have a deep talk about how perfect they are and wonderful and nervous is and ghaaaa. Anyways I love your blog?

Yes, its completely HU! And omg thankyou and yes we can talk about them whenever!

Peep J-Dog in the background